2014 Conference – Paris ’The USA: Models, Counter-Models, The End of Models?’

Program 2014

AFEA Conference 2014: ‘Paris ’The USA: Models, Counter-Models, The End of Models?’   Scientific Review Committee: Sylvie Bauer (University Rennes-2), Serge Chauvin (University Paris Ouest Nanterre), et Donna Kesselman (UPEC). (University Sorbonne Nouvelle – Paris 3, site Censier)   conference_afea_2014-20-05.docx You may download the 2014 program by clicking on the Word document above. . CONFERENCE […]

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Hotels Conference 2014

Here is a short list of hotels in the immediate vicinity of the University (metro stop “Censier-Daubenton) You can also log onto the Paris Tourist Office website: Feel free to consult websites like Tripadvisor to get some feedback on hotels either in the “5e arrondissement” (the district of the University), or the neighboring “13e arrondissement.”

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Graduate Student Symposium 2014

The Graduate Seminar will be held on the first day of the AFEA Conference – Wednesday, May, 21 ( at University Paris 3) – American civilization program (click on Word document below): 2014_american_civilization_graduate_seminar__program-3.docx – American literature program (click on Word document below): 2014_afea_conference_literature_program-2.docx

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