Commonwealth Essays and Studies 43.2, In Other Worlds: Imagining What Comes Next

Cher.e.s collègues,La Société d’Etude des Pays du Commonwealth (SEPC) est heureuse d’annoncer la parution en ligne du numéro 43.2 (2021) de la revue Commonwealth Essays and Studies, intitulé “In Other Worlds: Imagining What Comes Next” et dirigé par Christine Lorre-Johnston et Fiona McCann. Vous pouvez consulter le numéro en ligne sur le portail OpenEdition:
bien cordialement,

Christine Lorre-Johnston,
Université Sorbonne Nouvelle,
Directrice de la revue Commonwealth Essays and Studies

43.2 | 2021
In Other Worlds

Imagining What Comes Next

Edited by Christine Lorre-Johnston and Fiona McCann

When the COVID pandemic was officially announced in France in March 2020 and the country went into lockdown, a lot changed almost overnight in unprecedented ways. Among more dramatic measures, academic conferences were cancelled or postponed, and editorial schedules were consequently disrupted. After the initial shock, we decided to work on a journal issue that would help us think about the crisis in terms of the questions with which we usually deal. “In Other Worlds: Imagining What Comes Next” reflects on the ways in which postcolonial literature imaginatively addresses situations of crisis originating in pandemics and other ecological evolutions, and the political schemes that accompany them. The five essays (and related writer interview) analyse and illustrate how writers have developed creatively the genres of dystopia, speculative fiction, post-apocalyptic fiction, and climate fiction to apprehend what is at stake in these crises, in narratives that confront readers with human vulnerability but also point at new forms of empowerment that are sources of hope.

Bhawana Jain
Jaydip Sarkar and Rupayan Mukherjee, eds. Partition Literature and Cinema: A Critical Introduction [Full text]
Nishit Kumar
Flair Donglaishi and Gareth Guangming Tan, eds., World Literature in Motion: Institution, Recognition, Location [Full text]