2005 Conference – Lille “The State of the Art”

The State of the Art
May, 27-29, 2005
Université de Lille 3


Call for papers

The next annual conference of the French Association for American
Studies will take place in Lille from May 27 to May 29, 2005.
This conference has been planned without a specific theme to
allow for all specialists in American studieswhether in literature
or social sciences humanitiesto feel free to present their
current and innovative research.

The conference organizers will create workshops
according to themes or disciplines, so as to allow participants
to share both their methodological and topical concerns. Though
the specificity of each discipline should be taken into account,
specialists of the same period, or who have an interdisciplinary
approach (film & history, literature & history), may
be grouped in the same workshop. Intertextual and interdisciplinary
methods are especially welcome.

Some methodological concerns may be common to
all and can be debated in common:

What is our position with regards to the American
specialists of our discipline or object? In other words: is there
a French, or European, specificity in our practice as researchers?

What can we learn from American (or British)
approaches, such as the cultural studies approach and all its

Are there certain critical debates that require
our urgent attention and a wider public diffusion by our members?
Do we have a common reaction to current critical turns in literature
or social sciences?

We therefore invite specialists of textual studies,
visual studies and musical studies as well as those who specialize
in the social sciences (history, sociology, political science,
economy, communication, urban studies, etc.) to present their
research in what they deem to be the most provocative and cutting-edge

In short, we would like this conference to offer
as diverse and rich a picture of current research on the United
States as possible. We hope young researchers will present their
stimulating work and that more experienced ones will engage in
a similar process. In order to favor the greatest variety of
approaches, the conference organizers will propose a modular
structure, comprising workshops, roundtables, poster sessions,
video presentations as well as traditional papers and plenary

Please submit your proposal (300 words, or 2,000
signs) to the conference organizers before the October 1st, 2004
deadline. We will acknowledge receipt of proposals before we
make our final decisions and arrangements of sessions and participants.


Literature & arts
History & social


Mathieu DUPLAY


Romain HURET