Doctoriales 2010

Congrès AFEA, Grenoble, mercredi 26 mai 2010



Organizers : Hélène Aji (U. du Maine) & François Specq (ENS de Lyon)

Respondents : Martine Chard-Hutchinson (Paris 7), Géraldine Chouard (Paris
9-Dauphine), Anne-Marie Paquet-Deyris (Paris-Ouest Nanterre)

– 10:00: Alina-Laura NECHITA-MURESAN (Université de Versailles-Saint Quentin ;
supervisor : Paule Lévy): Le corps dans l’oeuvre de Philip Roth.

– 10:30: M.A. Anna Pehkoranta (University of Jyväskylä, Department of Art and
Culture Studies; supervisors: Prof. Mikko Keskinen and Prof. Pirjo Ahokas):
Critical Crossings, Gendered Genres: Gender, Ethnicity, and the Aesthetic of
Displacement in Chinese American Women’s Writing.

– 11:00 Coffee break

– 11:30: Lidija DAVIDOVSKA-IVANOVSKA (University of East Anglia; supervisors:
Nick Selby and Rachael Mclennan): American poetry from the late ’50s until
today: “In the Confessional.”

– 12:00: Marine Paquereau (Université de Bourgogne; supervisors: Mark Niemeyer
and David Roche): American Realism in the Postmodern Era.

– 12:30: Christina Töpfer (Universität Leipzig; supervisor: Prof. Dr. Hartmut
Keil): Visions of Urban Experience. Negotiating American Urban Space in
Contemporary Art.

– 13:00 Lunch break

– 14:30: Isabelle Mattéi (Université de Versailles-Saint Quentin ; supervisor:
Jacques Pothier): About Eudora Welty.

– 15:00: Claire DUTRIAUX (Paris Ouest Nanterre La Défense; supervisor :
Anne-Marie Paquet-Deyris): “A Construction of Images: Reworking the Figure
of the Southern White Hero in American Cinema.”

– 15:30: Therese Sukle Zanone (Université de Grenoble III­Stendhal;
supervisor: Claire Maniez): Metamorphosis in the Work of Steven Millhauser.

– 16:00 Coffee break

– 16:30: Kamila LOUADJ (Université Paris-Est; supervisor: William Dow):
“Ancestors” and “Relatives”: Ralph Ellison’s Family Romance from Invisible
Man to Three Days Before the Shooting.

– 17:00: Marie-Hélène Petit (Université de Nancy; supervisors: André Kaenel
[Nancy] and Kathie Birat [Metz]): The Romance in Contemporary American
Fiction: A Study of Hawthorne’s Heritage in Paul Auster, Russell Banks, and
Steven Millhauser.

– 17:30 Discussion

– 18:00 Arnaud Roujou de Boubée (Fulbright / French American Commission) :
Bourses et soutien à la recherche / Fellowships and support for researchers


Organizers: Naomi Wulf (Sorbonne Nouvelle -Paris 3) and Luc Benoît à la
Guillaume (Paris- Ouest Nanterre)

– Welcome and opening remarks ­ 9:15

– Workshop 1 ­ Film and Media studies
Respondents Anne Hurault-Paupe (Univ. Paris 13) and Luc Benoît à la
Guillaume (Paris-Ouest Nanterre)

Mehdi Achouche (Université Stendhal, Centre d’Etude sur les Modes de la
Représentation Anglophone, CEMRA), « Science Fiction Cinema and American
Technological Imagination, 1982-2010 »

Barbara Turquier (Paris Diderot and Paris Ouest-Nanterre), « Representations
of New York in the Films of the Film-Makers’ Cooperative Supervisors »

Marco Morini (University of Pavia – Italy), « Mudslinging in American
Presidential Campaigns »

– Discussion Workshop 1­ 10:30-11:00

– Coffee break 11:00

– Workshop 2 ­ Commemoration and History teaching
Respondent Marie Bolton (Univ. Clermont-Ferrand)

Marie Beauchamp-Sow (Paris Diderot), « These Honored Dead: The
Commemoration of Dead Soldiers and the Representation of the American Nation
(1863-1921) »

Isabelle Bouhaouala (Sorbonne-Nouvelle), « Reforming the History Curriculum
in California : From State to Schools, 1988-2008 »

– Discussion Workshop 2 ­ 12:30-13:00

– Lunch break 13:00

– Workshop 3 ­ International Relations
14:30-15:10 (presentation + discussion)
Respondent : Justine Faure (Univ. Strasbourg 3)

Umberto Tulli (Istituto di Scienze Umane (SUM), Firenze ­ Napoli), « From
Helsinky to Madrid. The US and Soviet Dissent »

– Workshop 4 ­ Early America ­ comparative approaches
Respondents: Suzanne Berthier-Foglar (Univ. Savoie), Naomi Wulf
(Sorbonne-Nouvelle) and Jean-Pierre Le Glaunec (Univ. Sherbrooke)

Mouna Ben Aissa (Paris-Sorbonne), « English Colonies in Indian Lands: The
Controversy over Land in 17th-Century New England ».

Razika Touati (Paris 8-St Denis), « A Colony of a Colony. A Study of the
Relationships between Barbados and South Carolina. Origins, Consequences,
and Interpretations »

Marieke Polfliet (University of Nice Sophia Antipolis – Ecole des Hautes
Etudes en Sciences Sociales, Paris), « Emigration and Politicization: French
Migrants in New York and New Orleans in the First Half of the XIXth Century
(1803-1860) ».

– Coffee break 16:10

– Discussion Workshop 3 and concluding remarks : 16:40-17:10

– 18:00 Arnaud Roujou de Boubée (Fulbright / French American Commission) :
Bourses et soutien à la recherche / Fellowships and support for researchers.