ESSE 15th conference 2021/LYON France: « Theatre and Minorities »

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Christine Kiehl (Lyon 2) nous annonce la tenue de l’atelier "Théâtre et Minorités" dans le cadre du congrès de The European Society of the Study of English.

Bien chaleureusement,
Emeline Jouve pour la société RADAC (Recherches sur les Arts Dramatiques Anglophones)


We are pleased to announce that RADAC is chairing a seminar at ESSE 15th conference 2021/LYON France (Monday 30th August- Friday 3rd September).

To join our session online: ‘ Seminar 41: "Theatre and Minorities", (Thursday 2nd Sept : 15:30 – 17:30 / and Friday 3rd Sept 10.30-12.30), please register online =>

( the registration is free for SAES members). ESSE will send you the links to access the seminars and plenary sessions.

You will find below the titles of papers in Seminar 41 co-chaired by RADAC members.

Abstracts can de found on the ESSE web-site.

ʻʻʻSeminar “S41: Theatre and Minorities” Thursday Sept 2, 2021 3.30 – 5.00 PM Friday Sept 3rd, 2021, 10.30- 12.30 PM

Co-Convenors: * Christine Kiehl (Université Lumière Lyon 2, France), christine.kiehl * Serena Guarracino (Università dell’Aquila, Italy), serena.guarracino *Vesna Tripković- Samardžić (Mediterranean University, Montenegro), vesna.tripkovicsamardzic

Theatre and Minorities The birth of theatre is historically related to the birth of democracy, but it may have become an elitist artform. And yet, by nature and scope, theatre has always been a welcoming space for voices of dissent in the city, the ‘Polis’. The seminar “Theatre and Minorities” contemplates the representation and the expression of minorities (migrant communities, groups discriminated on the grounds of race, ethnicity, class, gender, or ability, LGBTIQ, intersectional identities) in contemporary Anglophone theatre since the 1990s. Such questions as staging alterity, stereotyping minorities, repression and transgression, specific dramatic voices and aesthetics for minority groups may be raised.

NEW SCHEDULE Slot 1 Thursday Sept 2, 2021 3.30 – 3.50 PM

Sebnem Nazli Karali Edith Cowan University, School of Arts and Humanities, Western Australia skarali

“Post-Catastrophe Drama and Theatre: Postmemorial Politico-Aesthetics of the Armenian Genocide (1894-1923)”

Slot 2 Thursday Sept 2, 2021. 3.50 – 4.10 PM

Professor Vicky Angelaki Mid Sweden University vicky.angelaki

“Urban and Rural Spatialities of Self in Contemporary Anglophone Drama: Modes of Othering and Forms of Belonging”

Slot 3 Thursday Sept 2, 2021 4.10 – 4.30 PM

Maria Elena Capitani, University of Parma, Italy mariaelena.capitani

“ʻThe Dignity That Comes with Being Heard’: Changing Attitudes to Sexuality in Alexi Kaye Campbell’s The Pride

Slot 4 – Thursday Sept 2, 2021 4.30 – 4.50 PM

Dr. Juanjo Bermúdez de Castro Associate Professor j.bermudezcastro

“University Theatre of the Oppressed: the UIB Theatre Company Stages Class, Gender, and Race Thought-Provoking Plays to Awake Social Consciousness (2018-2020)”

Slot 1 Friday Sept 3, 2021 10.30 – 10. 50 AM

Ludmila Martanovschi, Associate Professor at the Faculty of Letters, Ovidius University, Constanta, Romania. ludmila.martanovschi

“Staging African American Women’s Empowerment in Katori Hall’s Memphis Plays”

Slot 2 Friday Sept 3, 2021 10.50 – 11.10 AM

Élise Rale, PhD student at Sorbonne Université in Paris elise.v.rale

“Reclaiming History: The Theater of Lynn Nottage and Suzan-Lori Parks”

Slot 3 Friday Sept 3, 2021 11.10 – 11.30 AM

Raphaëlle Tchamitchian, PhD in Theatre Studies. Université Sorbonne Nouvelle raphaelle

“ʻIs Contemporary African American Theatre « Post-Black’ ? Suzan-Lori Parks’s legacy in the work of Branden Jacobs-Jenkins, Jackie Sibblies Drury and Tarell Alvin M Craney”.

Slot 4 Friday Sept 3, 2021 11.30 –11.50 AM

Cyrielle Garson, Lecturer in contemporary Anglophone theatre at Avignon University cyrielle.garson

“Intersectionality in Contemporary Anglophone Canadian Theatre: Perspectives on a 21st-century Political Praxis”

Emeline JOUVE, Pr.
Professor (US Theatre)

Toulouse Jean-Jaurès University, France

Vice-President of the International Susan Glaspell Society

Media Secretary of RADAC (Recherche sur les Arts Dramatiques Anglophones Contemporains)

Author of Susan Glaspell’s Poetics and Politics of Rebellion & Avignon 68 & le Living Theatre. Mémoires d’une révolution.