Renée Dickason, Delphine Letort, Michel Prum, Stéphanie A.H. Bélanger (Editors), War and Remembrance: Recollecting and Representing War

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Renée Dickason, Delphine Letort, Michel Prum, Stéphanie A.H. Bélanger (Editors), War and Remembrance: Recollecting and Representing War (Human Dimensions In Foreign Policy, Military Studies, And Security Studies Series), McGill-Queen’s University Press (June 2022), 536 pages
ISBN-10 ‏ : ‎ 0228010683 / ISBN-13 ‏ : ‎ 978-0228010685

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Renée Dickason, Delphine Letort, Michel Prum, Stéphanie Bélanger

Part 1 – Remembering War from Indigenous Perspectives

1 War Voices: Australian Aboriginal Political Revolt
Post-First World War 25
John Maynard

2 War Memories and Indigenous Stereotypes:
The Fabrication of the Maori Warrior 36
Corinne David-Ives

3 “This Day Is Not for You”:
The Commemorative Displacement of Black Wars
in White Australia 57
Elizabeth Rechniewski and Matthew Graves

4 Allies or Enemies? The Representation of Black Soldiers
in Recent French, British, and Canadian Great War Fiction 76
Anna Branach-Kallas

5 Selective Remembering and Motivated Forgetting:
The Primacy of National Identity in Australia’s Differential
Memorialization of Its Wars 89
Sheila Collingwood-Whittick

Part 2 – Memories of Colonial Involvement and Civil Wars

6 The Gurkha with the Khukuri between His Teeth:
First World War Postcards and Combat Representations of
Nepalese and Indian Colonial Troops 111
Gilles Teulié

7 The Humour of an Indian Soldier’s Memories of the First World
War in M.R. Anand’s Across the Black Waters (1939) 143
Florence Cabaret

8 Picturing Control:
The Visual Representation of the Kenya Emergency 158
Keith Bell

9 The Meaning of the American Civil War in
Southern Memory 175
Stephen J. Whitfield

10 Between Nigeria and Biafra: Locating Ethnic Minorities
in Narratives of the Nigerian Civil War, 1967–70 193
Dominique Otigbah

Part 3 – Recollections of World Wars

11 Light and Not-So-Light Reflections in the Wipers Times’
Trench Journal and in the Satirical Magazine Punch or The London
Charivari (1939–45): What Narratives, What Recollections? 219
Renée Dickason

12 Writing the Blitz, Listening to the Nation: Personal Narratives
of the Blitz and the Construction of a Collective Aural Identity
in British Cinema of the Second World War 260
Anita Jorge

13 The Literature of Intervention: US Participation
in the Second World War 277
Tatiana Prorokova-Konrad

14 Fighting Fascism? The Second World War in British
Far-Right Memory 295
Paul Stocker

15 The National World War II Museum, New Orleans:
An Architectural Interpretation of War 311
Victoria Young

Part 4 – Remembering and Forgetting War

16 War on Memorialization: Constructive and Destructive
Holocaust Remembrance on American Sitcoms, 1990–2000s 327
Jeffrey Demsky

17 Of Wars, Scars, and Celluloid Memory: Representations
of War in Sri Lankan Cinema (2000–10) 348
Vilasnee Tampoe–Hautin

18 The Spanish-American War on Film:
An International Approach 363
András Lénárt

19 Wings (William Wellman, 1927) and Broken Lullaby
(Ernst Lubitsch, 1932): The Psychological Drama of Memory
and the Modern Pacifist Narrative 379
Raphaëlle Costa de Beauregard

20 Peacekeeping Forces and Their Filmic Representations:
The Case of Peter Kosminsky’s Warriors (1999) and
The Promise (2011) 394
Georges Fournier

Part 5 – Intimate Memories of War

21 Requiem for a Tommy: Impersonality and Subjectivity
in Stuart Cooper’s Overlord (1975) 415
Nicole Cloarec

22 “Our Visit to Waterloo”: Representing the Battlefield in the
Memoirs of Charlotte Eaton and Elizabeth Butler 432
Nathalie Saudo-Welby

23 Historically Estranged Generations: Memorials and the
Relevance Effect in Nigel Farndale’s The Blasphemer and
Tatiana de Rosnay’s Sarah’s Key 448
Marzena Sokolowksa-Paryz˙

24 An “Abominable Epoch”:
An Australian Woman’s Perception of Occupied France 464
Sylvie Pomiès-Maréchal

25 Robert Briffault’s War Letters:
A Divided Self under Fire 480
Emmanuel Roudaut

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