Dear colleagues,

I’m pleased to announce the publication of Barry Jenkins and the Legacies of Slavery: The TV Series Adaptation of The Underground Railroad (Lanham, Lexington Books, 2023).

Preface by Michael T. Martin.

Please also be advised that the book can be ordered at 30% off the list price using the code LXFANDF30 at

Warm regards,

Delphine Letort

Le Mans University

« Delphine Letort’s Barry Jenkins and the Legacies of Slavery – The TV Series Adaptation of The Underground Railroad deploys a remarkably rich analysis which describes how American film and television obscures past and present reality racism and sexism that the entertainment industry obscure by funding pollyannaishstories that avoid the dehumanizing fact of structural racism and male-centric narratives. Letort grasps thecorrelating aspects of visual, gender, and racial subjectivity and their systemic social history. Her bookprovides a meticulous analysis of Barry Jenkins’ television adaptation of Colson Whitehead’s The Underground Railroad. Barry Jenkins and the Legacies of Slavery should be required reading for courses onAmerican media, history, critical race theory, and womanism. »

— Mark A. Reid, University of Florida

« Not only does Delphine Letort offer a thoughtful analysis of this landmark series, but she also proposes a much-needed call for moral, ethical, and emotional approaches to TV studies. Her savvy ability to juggle close aesthetic and thematic analysis with the historical phenomena that underpin the fiction makes this book a valued text for those interested in television studies, cultural studies, African-American studies, or US History. »

— Shannon Wells-Lassagne, University of Burgundy