New publication

I’d like to announce the publication of my new book, Consuls in the Cold War, a volume I edited with Sue Onslow. The publisher is Brill.

Dr. Lori MaguireProfesseur des Universités/Professor of American Studies
Université de Reims/University of Reims

Recent Publications in English:

Consuls in the Cold War with Sue Onslow

« The diplomatic departure from limbo: three valedictory despatches by British consuls in Hanoi during the period of the Vietnam War », Contemporary British History

« Robert Byrd and the Iraq War: A Case Study of Senatorial Power » in Federal History 2023, issue 15

“Triangular Francs: The Eisenhower Administration’s Complicated Franco-American-South Vietnamese System of Foreign Aid to Saigon”, Journal of American-East Asian Relations, 28 (2021):

Modern Representations of Sub-Saharan Africa with Susan Ball and Sébastien Lefait

Publications récentes en français:
« Le consulat français à Haiphong, 1954-55: une représentation diplomatique mort-née »

« Entre ignorance et fanfaronnades », France Forum