Conference Programme – Hybridity in Life Writing (July 7/8, Université Paris Cité)

Chères et chers collègues,

J’ai le plaisir de vous communiquer le programme du colloque Hybridity in Life Writing qui aura lieu la semaine prochaine à l’Université Paris Cité.
Bien cordialement,
Arnaud Schmitt (Université de Bordeaux)

Hybridity in Life Writing: How Text and Images Work Together to Tell a Life

Université Paris Cité (Campus des Grands Moulins), July 7th and 8th 2022
Organizers: Clare Brant (King’s College) & Arnaud Schmitt (University of Bordeaux)

July 7th
09:00-09:30: Opening session (Amphithéâtre Turing): Cécile Roudeau (Director of LARCA, Université Paris-Cité), Clare Brant (Co-Director of Centre for Life Writing and Research, King’s College) & Arnaud Schmitt (University of Bordeaux, LARCA & CLIMAS)
9h30-11h: Concurrent Session 1
1A- Hybridity in Graphic Memoirs 1, room 0011 (Chair: Cristina Garrigós, UNED-National University of Distance Education, Spain)
– Maaheen Ahmed (Ghent University), “Graphic Novel Children: Loup y es-tu ?”
– Hélène Tison (University of Tours), “Allie Brosh – Hyperbolically Ironic Authentication”
– Nathalie Saudo-Welby (University of Picardy), “Sounds and Silence Made Visible: Cece Bell’s El Deafo (2014)”
1B- Autobiographical Texts Embedding Images 1, room 1021(Chair: Anne Green Munk, Aarhus University)
– Laure de Nervaux-Gavoty (Paris-Est Créteil University), “In Search of a Lost Past: Vladimir Nabokov’s and Michael Ignatieff’s Photo Albums in Speak, Memory: An Autobiography Revisited (1951, 1966) and The Russian Album (1997)”
– Antonella Lipscomb (Oxford University), “Textual and Visual Images of the Self in Annie Ernaux’s Auto-Socio-Biographies”
– Helga Lenart-Cheng (Saint Mary’s College of California), “The Comtesse of Castiglione in the Mirror of Nathalie Léger”
11h-11h15: Coffee break
11h15-12h45: Concurrent Session 2
2A- Autobiographical Texts Embedding Images 2, room 0011 (Chair: Marieke Dwarswaard, Rijksuniversiteit Groningen)
– Cristina Garrigós (UNED-National University of Distance Education, Spain), “Self‐Representing an Identity and a Life through Images and Words in Women’s Rock Memoirs”
– Silvia Hernández Hellín (Universidad de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria), “Pointing the Lens Elsewhere: The Use of Photography in Patti Smith’s Autobiographical Prose Work”
– Anne Green Munk (Aarhus University), “Picturing Ourselves through Others – Text and Photography in Women’s Life Writing”
2B- Images in Archives, Diaries or Biographical Documents, room 1021 (Chair: Maaheen Ahmed, Ghent University)
– Diana W. Anselmo (California State University, Long Beach), “To Bear Pain into Narrative: Autobiography & Female Audience Reception in Early Hollywood”
– Anthony S. Foy (Swarthmore College), “Banknotes, Buildings, and the Displaced Body of Black Autobiography”
12h45-14h: Buffet Lunch
14h-15h15: Concurrent Session 3
3A- Photography and Text 1, room 0011 (Chair: Helga Lenart-Cheng, Saint Mary’s College of California)
– Julia Watson (The Ohio State University), “‘This Counter-history’: Teju Cole’s 2020 Visual Diary on the Kitchen as a Domestic/Postcolonial Medi[t]ation”
– Niccolò Amelii (University of Chieti-Pescara), “Photographic reality and autobiographical memory. The dialectic between text and image in Every Day Is for the Thief by Teju Cole”
3B- Hybridity in Digital Autobiography & Social Media, room 1021 (Chair: Antonella Lipscomb, Oxford University)
– Anamaria Radu & Alexandra Cotoc (Babeş-Bolyai University), “Thumbnails, Snippets and Instagram Photos of Romanian Microcelebrities. Telling a Life Story with a Social Impact”
– Ana Isabel Galvan Garcia de las Bayonas (University of Murcia), “A life in a Caption: Images Telling Stories in the Age of Social Media”
15h15-15h30: Coffee break
15h30-16h15: Griselda Pollock (University of Leeds) & Joanne Leonard (Artist, University of Michigan), Recorded collaborative paper on Joanne Leonard’s Being in Pictures: An Intimate Photo Memoir + Zoom Q & A, Amphithéâtre Turing (Chair: Arnaud Schmitt, University of Bordeaux)
16h30-17h30: Keynote (+ discussion): Teresa Bruś (University of Wroclaw): “Arenas of Hybridity: Books and Boxes,” Amphithéâtre Turing (Chair: Clare Brant, King’s College)
20h– Conference Dinner

Friday July 8th
09:00-10h30: Concurrent Session 4
4A- Photography and Text 2 & Ekphrasis as Hybridity, room 0011 (Chair: Laure de Nervaux-Gavoty, Paris-Est Créteil University)
– Marie-Agnès Gay (Jean Moulin – Lyon 3 University), “‘Moving shadows disappearing’: Erasure of Self in Theresa Hak Kyung Cha’s Autobiographical ‘Photo-Essay’ (ExiléeTemps MortsSelected Works)”
– Clare Brant (King’s College London): “Inserting the Manfish: Hybridity in Underwater Memoir Illustrations”
– Antoinette Sol (University of Texas Arlington), “Life Drawings: Dany Laferrière’s Autoportrait de Paris avec Chat (2018)”
4B- Hybridity in Graphic Biographies, room 1021 (Chair: Nancy Pedri, Memorial University of Newfoundland)
– Maria Juko (University of Hamburg); “A Graphic (Re-)Encounter with Mary Shelley”
– Elisabetta Varalda (Sapienza University of Rome), “Virginia Woolf’s Life through Narrative and Evocative Images”
– Suzanne Joinson (University of Chichester), “Ordinary Lives: Memoir, Testimony and Everyday Experience in the Graphic Novel”
10h30-10h45: Coffee break
10h45-12h: Concurrent Session 5
5A- Paintings, Drawings and Autobiographical Hybridity 1, room 0011 (Chair: Niccolò Amelii, University of Chieti-Pescara)
– Shiamin Kwa (Bryn Mawr College), “Two is Better Than One: Hybridity in the Works of ‘Paintoonist’ Jerry Moriarty”
– Marieke Dwarswaard (Rijksuniversiteit Groningen), “A Graphic Memoir Avant la Lettre? The Scholten Paintings as a Source in Life Writing”
5B- Autobiographical Texts Embedding Images 3, room 1021 (Chair: Alex Belsey, King’s College London)
– Wojciech Drąg (University of Wroclaw), “Text-Image Relations and the Poetics of the Scan in Mathew Timmons’s CREDIT and Dana Teen Lomax’s Disclosure
– Virginia Allen-Terry Sherman (Grenoble Alpes University), “Ambiguous and Absent Imagery in Contemporary Culinary Memoirs”
12h-13h30: Buffet Lunch
13h30-15h: Concurrent Session 6
6A- Hybridity in Graphic Memoirs 2, room 0011 (Chair: Maria Juko, University of Hamburg)
– Nancy Pedri (Memorial University of Newfoundland), “Photography and Graphic Illness Narratives”
– Erin La Cour (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam) & Anna Poletti (Utrecht University), “Graphic Medicine’s Possible Futures: Reconsidering Poetics and Reading”
– Olga Michael (University of Cyprus), “Thanatic Photo/graphics in Thi Bui’s Graphic Memoir, The Best We Could Do
6B- Biographical Texts Embedding Images, room 1021 (Chair: Wojciech Drąg, University of Wroclaw)
– Veronica Frigeni (Independent scholar), “Writing a Life Written in Pictures: The Biography of Gerda Taro in Janeczek’s La ragazza con la Leica
– Ruvani Ranasinha (King’s College London), “Image and Text: Writing the Life of Author and Filmmaker Hanif Kureishi”
– Sophie Mayr (University of Vienna), “Bodies, Books or Buildings? Photographs and Phototext in Biographies about Ingeborg Bachmann and Sylvia Plath”
15h-15h15: Coffee break
15h15-16h15: Session 7
Paintings, Drawings and Autobiographical Hybridity 2, room 0011 (Chairs: Anamaria Radu & Alexandra Cotoc, Babeş-Bolyai University)
– Pablo Allepuz García (Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Museo Reina Sofia), “Autobiography to Self-Portraiture, or Vice Versa. Narrativity and Visuality in Artists’ Life Writings”
– Alex Belsey (King’s College London), “‘Leaving the marks in’: the Dialectic of Journal & Drawings by Keith Vaughan”
16h15-17h: Round table discussion: Themes, Terms and New Directions, Amphithéâtre Turing (Chair: Julia Watson, Clare Brant & Arnaud Schmitt)