COL AI: The View from Nowhere, May 11-12, Paris 8

International conference « AI: The View from Nowhere »

Centre Numérique d’Innovation Sociale of Paris 8 University
May 11-12, 2023


This international symposium is organized with the support of UNESCO EVA Chair (Ethics of the Living and the Artificial) held by Vanessa Nurock, CRHI, Université Côté d’Azur. It is co-organized by Arnaud Regnauld, TransCrit, and Pierre Cassou-Noguès, LLCP, Paris 8 University

Contact: Valentine Bailly <Valentine.BAILLY

Visual artist Louise Drulhe will be sketching the presentations throughout the conference.

Thursday, May 11, (2-6.35 PM)

Welcome and Presentation (2-2.15)

1/ The View from Philosophy of Science and Technology (2.15-3.15)

Chair: James Katz

The Turing Test as a View From Somewhere – Juliet Floyd (Boston University).

The Political “Context” of AI: from Formal to Modular – Armen Khatchtourov (Gustave Eiffel University).

2/ The View from Politics (3.15-4.15)

Chair: Vanessa Nurock

The Cozy Nowhere – Where Panoptism is Headed – Jan Soeffner (Zeppelin University).

The Eye of God – Alban Leveau-Vallier (LLCP, Paris 8 University).

Coffee Break : (4.15-4.45)

3/ The View from Artistic Theory and Practice (4.45-6.15)

Chair: Jan Soeffner

Do I know you from somewhere? – Arnaud Regnauld (TransCrit, Paris 8 University).

“Veille infinie” by Donatien Aubert (independent artist).

“ Living in AI ” by Pierre Cassou-Noguès (LLCP, University Paris 8 ) and Gwenola Wagon (AIAC, University Paris 8).

Friday May 12 (10 AM-6 PM)

4/ The View from Ethics (10.00-11.15)

Chair: Sandra Laugier (Paris 1)

Nowheres – Piergiorgio Donatelli (Sapienza University).

From the View from Nowhere to the Artificialistic Fallacy … and Back (to the View of Nobody) – Vanessa Nurock (CRHI, Côte d’Azur University).

5/ The View from Relativism

Chair: Pierre Cassou-Noguès

Seeing with AI: Algorithms as Techno-Normative Prisms – Peggy Touvet (UTT / ENS).

Perspectivism without Perspective? The Idea of “a Point of View from Nowhere” – Stéphane Cormier (Toulouse Jean-Jaurès Univeristy).

1.00-3.00 Lunch break

6/ The View from Chat GPT (3.15-4.45)

Chair: Juliet Floyd

Who’s There? The Voice of Large Language Models – Alexandre Gefen (CNRS).

Epistemology in the Symbolic Positioning of Large Language Models (LLMs) – James Katz (Boston University).


Chair: Arnaud Regnauld

Screening and discussion of La_Mue_version_0.7 (a work in progress), a film by Judith Deschamps (TransCrit/ArTeC, Paris 8 – LISN/CNRS)

Respondent: Anne Alombert (LLCP – University Paris 8).

6.00: Farewell and Perspectives

The Symposium will take place at the Centre Numérique d’Innovation Sociale of Paris 8 University.

Address: 14 rue Waldeck Rochet, 93300 Aubervilliers.

Metro: “Front Populaire,” line 12.

Train (RER), “La plaine- Stade de France,” line B.