Embroidery and Storytelling / Broder et raconter

Université de Rouen

Thursday December 10

Full Session
9.15 a.m Opening of the conference

Parallel Sessions

From Female Achievement to Female Expression
Chair : Nicole Terrien (CORPUS, Université de Rouen)

  •  9.45 Emily Banis (Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, USA)
    « School Day Schedule » : A la carte Education in Colonial Boston
  •  10.15. Wanda Balzano (Wake Forest University, USA)
    Embroidery and Cultural Memory of Southern Italian Women.
  •  10.45 Moira Thunder (Victoria and Albert Museum London,UK)
    « Span your heart alike a pure cloth » : A Discourse about Women Continued in
    the Forewords of Eighteenth century German Pattern Books for Embroidery.
  •  11.15 Ba Harrington (University of Wisconsin, USA)
    Virtue Embodied : A Polite and Dutiful Worktable.
  •  11.45 Émilie Corvisy (Université Stendhal ; Grenoble III, France)
    Embroidery : A High Status Activity for Women.
  •  12.15 Lunch

    Thursday December 10

    Morning Parallel Sessions

    The Embroidered Stitch of History
    Chair : Charlotte Gould (Université Paris 3-Sorbonne Nouvelle)

  •  9.45 Christine Brandner (Universität Wien, Austria)
    The Vestment of the Order of the Golden Fleece as an Instrument of Political
  •  10.15 Yuhang Li (University of Chicago, USA)
    Hair Embroidery in the late Imperial China.
  •  10.45 Dagmar Neuland-Kiltzerow (Museum of European Cultures, Berlin,
    Inlaid patchwork in Europe from 1500 to the Present.
  •  11.15 Géraldine Chouard (Université Paris Dauphine, France)
    American Rhapsody : an Embroidered History.
  •  11.45 Stéphanie Bernard (IUFM Rouen)
    From "the [K]nitting [M]achine" to Embroidery : Joseph Conrad ’s World and
    Art (1897-1904)
  •  12.15 Lunch

    Thursday December 10

    Afternoon Parallel Sessions

    Challenging the Codes
    Chair : Mireille Quivy (CORPUS, Université de Rouen)

  •  2 p.m. Stefanie Rentsch (DFKG, Paris, France/Germany)
    Stiches of pain : Embroidery and Storytelling in the Work of Sophie Calle.
  •  2.30 Suzanne Fraysse (Université Aix-Marseilles, France)
    "Pens and Needles in The Scarlet Letter"
  •  3 p.m Iris Mickein (Princeton University, USA)
    Chance and Design : The role of Embroidery in the Work of Hannah Hoech.
  •  3.30 Charlotte Gould (Université Paris 3 Sorbonne Nouvelle, France)
    Embroidery as New Technology.
  •  4 p.m Pause/Coffee Break

    Thursday December 10
    Afternoon Parallel Sessions

    Embroidered Patterns
    Chair : Nathalie Saudo (CORPUS, Université d’Amiens)

  •  2 p.m Claire Vial (Université Paris 3 Sorbonne Nouvelle, France)
    Fate’s Golden Threads : the Literary Motif of the Embroidered mantle.
  •  2.30 Christiane Müller (Goethe Universität, Frankfurt, Germany)
    "[They] manufacture the most exquisite linen in Portugal". On the
    Metafictional connection between textile and storytelling in Isak Dinesen’s
    "The blank page".
  •  3 p.m Anna Lehninger (University of Zurich, Switzerland)
    Teresa Ottavo’s Lettre Brodée from the Maison des Folles.
  •  3.30 Rose Marie François (Université de Liège, Belgium)
    "Out flew the web and floated wide" : Tennyson mal entendu par ceux qui ne
    font pas tapisserie.
  •  4 p.m Pause/Coffee Break

    Thursday December 10
    Afternoon Full Session

    Crossing Lines/Fils entrecroisés
    Chair : Camille Fort (CORPUS, Université d’Amiens)

  •  4. 15 Céline Le Belz (Brodeuse, France)
    Tableaux et Broderie.
  •  4.45 Cecilia Braschi (Fondation Giacometti, France)
    Trames, toiles et filets : imaginaires féminins dans l’art contemporain.
  •  5.15 Paul Balbous (Brodeur, France)
    Evolution des Modes traditionnelles de Bretagne, coiffes et costumes.
  •  5.45 Romuald Hervé (Brodeur, France)
    La broderie chez un designer contemporain.
  •  6.15 Sushant Grupta and Ritupama Mullick (Saffron Designs, India)
    The Kantha Story.

    Friday, December 11

    Full Session

    Embroidery as a Narrative
    Chair : Antoine Capet (CORPUS, Université de Rouen)

  •  9 a.m Sandra Lawrence (Artist, UK)
    Designing the Overlord Embroidery.
  •  9.30 Andrew Whitmarsh (Portsmouth Museums and Records Service, UK)
    Displaying the Overlord Embroidery.
  •  10 a.m Ann Griffin Bernstorff (Artist, Ireland)
    "The Living Heritage" : The Ros Tapestry.
  •  10.30 Pause

    Friday December 11
    Morning Parallel Sessions

    New Narratives
    Chair : Françoise Bort (Université de Bourgogne)

  •  10.45 Brenda Schmahmann (Rhodes University, Grahamstown, South Africa)
    Representing HIV/AIDs in South Africa via Embroidery : The Keikamma
  •  11.15 Shirley Ann Brown (York University, Toronto, Canada)
    The "French Shore Tapestry" of Conche, Newfoundland.
  •  11.45 Marie-Hélène Desjardins (Musée de Fécamp, France )
    "La Broderie de Fécamp" (1909-1926) : Analyse des motivations
  •  12.15 Lunch

    Friday December 11

    Morning parallel sessions

    Extended Metaphors
    Chair : Suzanne Fraysse (Université d’Aix-Marseille)

  •  10.45 Elizabeth Oliver (McGill University, Canada)
    Marianne Moore’s Poetic Text-Styles.
  •  11.15 Mireille Quivy (Université de Rouen, France)
    Jane Eyre : De-signing Landscape Embroidery in Style.
  •  11.45 Elisabeth Bouzonviller (Université Jean Monnet, Saint-Étienne,
    France )
    "[H]ealing garment[s]" and "crazy quilt[s]" : the Needlework Metaphor in
    Louise Erdrich’s Fiction.
  •  12.15 Lunch

    Friday December 11

    Afternoon parallel sessions

    An Alternative Reading of History
    Chair : Géraldine Chouard (Université Paris 9- Dauphine)

  •  2.15 Chakè Matossian (Académie Royale des Beaux-Arts, Brussels, Belgium)
    Michelet tisserand : la "tapisserie" de Bayeux et le portrait du Peuple.
  •  2.45 Victoria Rovine (University of Florida, USA)
    Embroidered Cultures in West Africa : Viewing Travel, Text, and Tradition
    through Malian Garments.
  •  3.15 Antoine Capet (Université de Rouen).
    Winstonus : The Representation of Amphibious Conquest from the Bayeux
    Tapestry to the Portsmouth Embroidery.
  •  3.45 Matthijs Ilsink (Radboud University Nijmepegen, Netherlands) and
    Monica Marchesi (Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam, Netherlands)
    An Embroidery by Philips van den Bossche : A Contribution to the Story of
    Early Seventeenth-Century Needle Painting.
  •  4.15 Pause/Coffee Break

    Friday December 11
    Afternoon Parallel Sessions

    Chair : Claire Vial (Université Paris 3- Sorbonne Nouvelle)

  •  2.15 Amélie Junqua (Université de Picardie - Jules Verne, France)
    Embroidering the "loose Dress of the Spartan Maids" - Sex, Text and textile
    in Addisonian Prose.
  •  2.45 Sophie Aymes (Université de Bourgogne, France)
    Writing, weaving and Engraving : the Art of Scratch.
  •  3.15 Marybeth Stalp (University of Northern Iowa, USA)
    Reading the Stitches : Weaving Tales through Embroidered Textiles.
  •  3.45 Pause/Coffee Break

    Full Session

    Behind and Beyond the Narrative
    Chair : Nicole Terrien (CORPUS, Université de Rouen)

  •  4 p.m Elizabeth Carson Pastan (Emory University, USA)
    Look Again : The Architectural Rendering of the Bayeux Embroidery.
  •  4.30 Sue Prichard (Victoria and Albert Museum, London, UK)
    Stitched Up - Misinterpreting Text(iles).
  •  5 p.m Emer Fahy (University College, Cork, Ireland )
    A Web of Quilted Community.
  •  5.45 Final Knot

    Saturday December 12

    8.30 a.m Trip to Bayeux, guided tour of the Bayeux Tapestry under the
    supervision of Madame Lemagnen, Curator of the Bayeux Museum.

    Entrée libre et gratuite dans la limite des places disponibles.

    Organisation : CORPUS EA 4295, Université de Rouen
    Lieu : Grande salle de la formation continue
    76821 Mont-Saint-Aignan
    Bus direct (N°4) depuis la gare de Rouen RD
    Renseignements :
    Nicole TERRIEN