CFP : "Western/Southern"

Call for Papers in English :

This international conference will focus on the generic categories of the
Western &the Southern (a genre still in need of a name) and the
cross-fertilization between the two genres. In his seminal book Film/Genre,
Rick Altman defines the Western as follows, “‘Western’ quickly became the
name for a loosely defined film genre capitalizing on public interest in the
American West” (BFI, 1999, p. 36). In a similar vein for the Southern, one
could claim that the generic category is currently in the making although it
has always been acknowledged for Southern literature. We will analyze why
these genres have always occupied a pre-eminent place in the history of
American cinema. TV series will also be addressed. The show
Deadwood(2004-06) is a particularly telling example of such an interplay
between formal and aesthetic devices considered as particularly southern
such as the Gothic, the satirical and the grotesque dimensions. We will
also try to determine how and why their highly distinctive and coded visual
conventions have participated in a frontier mythology so uniquely central to
US history, geography, culture and identity. In such a context the very
notion of frontier may then be entirely reexamined and acquirean entirely
new critical status. As Ethan Edwards’s back and forth movements in Ford’s
The Searchers (1956) or the route chosen by Captain America in Hopper’s Easy
Rider(1969) suggest, the interaction between the two types of spaces
foregrounds the crucial notion of porosity of borders and multi-facetted

Papers focusing on southern-like motifs in western cinema and series
vice-versa spanning the early days of the industry to the current era will
be welcome. 250-word abstracts are expected before July 12, 2014. Please
send them conjointly to :

Once accepted, the presentations should not exceed 30 minutes.