CFP : "The end(s) of electronic literature"

Call for papers - ELO 2015 Conference — The End(s) of Electronic Literature, Bergen August 5-7, 2015


The 2015 Electronic Literature Organization conference and festival will
take place August 5-7th 2015. The conference will be hosted by the Bergen
Electronic Literature research group at the University of Bergen, Norway
with sessions at venues including the University of Bergen, Det Akademiske
Kvarteret, the Bergen Public Library, the University of Bergen Arts
library, USF Verftet and local arts venues. Bergen is Norway’s
second-largest city, known as the gateway to the fjords, a festival city
and cultural center with a lively and innovative arts scene.

The deadline for submissions of research, workshop, and arts proposals is
December 15, 2014.


The theme of the 2015 Electronic Literature Organization conference and
festival is “The End(s) of Electronic Literature.” This theme plays on
several different meanings of “ends.” Topics the conference papers and
works will explore include :


    Is “electronic literature” a transitional term that will become obsolete
    as literary uses of computational media and devices become ubiquitous ? If
    so, what comes after electronic literature ?


    We can also question in what sense electronic literature and digital
    writing practices are a means to an end. If so, what are the ends of
    electronic literature ? What political, ideological, aesthetic, and
    commercial ends or purposes do works of electronic literature serve ?


    In recent years, projects such as the ELMCIP Electronic Literature
    Knowledge Base have sought to highlight the work of scholars and artists
    who have worked outside of the mainstream of electronic literature as it
    has developed as a field, for instance developing research collections
    based on Russian and Brazilian electronic literature. This conference will
    seek to shed further light on international communities and practices in
    electronic literature that have not been widely addressed in the critical
    literature of the field, those that are located at the “ends” or margins of
    critical discourse in the field.


    Electronic literature is situated as an intermedial field of practice,
    between literature, computation, visual and performance art. The conference
    will seek to develop a better understanding of electronic literature’s
    boundaries and relations with other academic disciplines and artistic


    As a laboratory for future literary forms, the field of electronic
    literature must count the youngest readers among its most significant group
    of end-users. One strand of this conference will focus specifically on
    digital reading experiences made for children.