CFP : "Steven Spielberg"

Call for Chapters : Steven Spielberg

Although Steven Spielberg has been one of the most important directors and producers since the mid-1970s, little academic research has been devoted to his work as a whole. Some of his films have attracted attention for various reasons : scholars in film aesthetics have analyzed some of the strategies used in Jaws(1975), while experts of African American and adaptation studies have unfavorably compared The Color Purple(1985) to Alice Walker’s 1982 novel. Spielberg is often celebrated for his eye for composition and his talent at catering to the audience, and yet criticized for the almost utopian politics of some of his films. This special issue of Profils américains (, the second issue to focus exclusively on a filmmaker, will thus aim at covering not only the major themes and motifs present in Spielberg’s films, but also his relevance in other domains such as production and technology.

Proposals can focus on the following aspects, as well as others :

• the narrative and aesthetics of Spielberg’s films

• the politics of Spielberg’s films

• recurrent themes and motifs (childhood, heroism, oppression, the sublime, etc.)

• Spielberg and specific genres (scifi, the adventure movie, the war movie, the historical movie, etc.)

• Spielberg’s influences and his influence on others

• the reception of Spielberg’s films

• Spielberg and franchises (Indiana Jones, Jurassic Park, etc.)

• Spielberg and John Williams

• Spielberg and George Lucas

• Spielberg as producer (Poltergeist, Under the Dome, etc.) ;

• Spielberg and Amblin or Dreamworks

• case studies of specific films, notably those having received little attention

300-word proposals should be sent, along with a short bibliography and an author blurb, to David Roche ( by January 31, 2015.