CFP : “Circulations between Art Forms : Questioning Intersemioticity”

The purpose of this conference is to investigate how one conceives or
experiences the circulation of representation between codes in
intersemiotic works. It aims at examining what is at stake when one
moves from one art form to another, as in adaptations, or when works
themselves circulate between semiotic codes and combine them (operas,
films, graphic novels, installations, iconotexts…). Is trans-code
circulation fluid, or does one code predominate ? Is intersemioticity
merely the illusion of circulation, with codes remaining hermetic to
one another, or is it the “effect” of another code instead of an
actual circulation between systems of representation ?

Papers discussing, but not restricted to, the following topics are
especially welcome :

• The dissemination of a given theme or story through art(s) and
through time, from one adaptation to another ;

• Intersemiotic writing : how trans-code circulation operates ;

• The study of multisemiotic works.

Date of the Conference : March 31, 2011, in Toulouse, France

Please send 300-word proposals to Marie Bouchet by June
30, 2011

Applicants will be notified by July 10, 2011 if their proposal was accepted.